Event, radio & TV moderation, music production & deejay !

Flashmaster Ray belongs to the old-school hip-hop scene in Hamburg/Germany. As long ago as in the early 1980s he got enthusiastic about hip-hop,being first generation hip-hop deejay in Hamburg.

In the late eighties he arranged the first hip-hop events on Hamburg's famous location Reeperbahn(St Pauli) and got started the first hip-hop radio scene show and hip-hop TV show in Hamburg.

Flashmaster Ray anchored his own radio show "Hip Hop Dont Stop" and appeared on the screen beeing presenter of the popular TV shows "Rapheadz TV" & "Hamburg Hip Hop-TV".

He is one of the founders of the registered association "Hip Hop Hamburg e. V.". Not least because of untold gigs and his over 20 years' experience on the hip-hop scene Flashmaster Ray achieved iconic status as one of the hip-hop pioneers in Hamburg.

He used to perform as deejay in the following clubs and discotheques:

Power House, Top Ten, Gum Club, Rythm Bar, Chocolate City, Sky Club, Waagenbau, Fabrik, Markthalle and so on.


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