Get ready for the long awaited new album of Flashmaster Ray from Hamburg: "FLASHBACK"

Starting 1984 in music, triggered by the break dancing hipe, Flashmaster Ray celebrates his

personal 30th hip-hop anniversary with this album release.


Especially for retro-lovers this time the album goes with a Hand numbered vinyl record limited to 300 pieces worldwide, added by a poster, Certificate, Sticker and an autograph card. The album FLASHBACK is also available as digital-download.


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Vinyl Album : Vinyl Album
Vinyl Album Vinyl Album


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ALBUM Der Boss Am Bass

Some call this style Hip Hop and others call it Electro-Music. Embark now on an electronic tour throughout bass sounds which surprisingly are digital but still analog.

This producer album, named modestly „Der Boss am Bass“ is Flashmaster Ray's debut album, being in Germany at the same time Hamburgs first hip hop electro funk album. The beats are based on the legendary 1980s drumcomputer Roland 808. The raps und vocals are composed up to 90% of vocoder, speech synthesis, talkbox und speech distortion. The tracks go with German and English lyrics.


Funkmaster Ozone, Man@Arms, Sin2, Rough Dee aka Pure Doze, Coastboy, Tom Steinbrecher, 12 Finger Dan, Eve Deluxe


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CD Album :


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Roboter Musik

(Ich bin ne Rap - Maschine).

Music Style is Dance / Electro / House.

+Remix from Zhinky Iy & Rough Dee !

Worlwide Digital Release




Digital Download :


Nu Electro Vol.4

Flashmaster Ray new Release

on Street Sounds.


16 Brand New Tracks by :

Davy DMX,Chuck D,Redvenom,

Man Parrish,Imperial Brothers,The Knights of the Turntables and many more.


ONLY 500 Limited Edition Gatefold Double Coloured Album Vinyl & 500 Limited Edition 'Gold' Double CDs


Available Here !

CBR Underground Electro Vol.4

Flashmaster Ray feat. Funkmaster Ozone

Release on City Beats Records.


17 Exclusive Tracks + Including

a special bonus track!


Tracks by :

The B.Boys & E-Rocker,

MTD London & Spyder-D.,

Debonaire & Ceeonic and many more...


LIMITED EDITION Vinyl & CD / 200 black, and 100 double colored vinyls.


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FLASHMASTER RAY Autogrammkarte

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